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| Last Updated:: 02 June 2018

Short History

Tiloi legislative Assembly of Amethi parliamentary constituency in Uttar Pradesh is very backward in the field of education. Due to the absence of Degree colleges in the radius of 20 km most of the talented students are not getting platform to study and are unable to apply for graduation degree courses. This serious issue was taken in consideration by many responsible citizen of the society and they decided to establish Rajiv Smriti Siksha Avam Seva Sansthan, in an effort to open higher educational institution named as Rajiv Gandhi Vidyapeeth Mahavidyalaya. It was decided to open the institution in the memory of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi Ji, a national leader, Ex Prime minister of India. He was Member of Parliament from Amethi constituency and was very popular in Amethi parliamentary constituency. The name of institution is kept on his name to make his memory imperishable in the society.
Shri Ram Kumar Mishra Ji and Smt. Subhadra Mishra Ji supported the cause and donated their parental land for development of institution for higher education in Tiloi legislative Assembly of Amethi parliamentary constituency. In continuation, Shri Vinod Kumar Mishra met with Sonia Gandhi ji (wife of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi ji) and discussed the issue and requested her to grant permission to open institute in the name of Shri Rajiv Gandhi ji. Later the written permission has been received.
After that, Shri Vinod Kumar Mishra requested Shri Rahul Gandhi to lay the foundation stone of the institute, on 18th august 2009 Shri Rahul Gandhi laid the foundation stone of the institute. On this auspicious occasion, all the distinguished persons were present. Shri Rahul Gandhi addressed huge gathering and appreciated the decision of establishing educational institution for the society.
It took 3 years in the construction of college building. The first session of college started in July 2013. Rajiv Gandhi Vidyapeeth Mahavidyalaya commenced with two courses- B.A and B.Com, which is affiliated with Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur.